Wednesday, February 26, 2014

10 things about Noah

1.     He was born almost 10 years ago, on March 28, 2004 on his mom’s 33rd birthday.   He is the best birthday gift she ever got.

2.  He has a big sister named Ellie who is in 7th grade, and a little sister named Kaelin who is in 1st grade.  He is a wonderful brother to both his sisters, and he loves to play with them, especially when they make up plays and shows to entertain the rest of the family.  They recently made up their own version of the Winter Olympics and held a competition in the living room, complete with opening ceremonies, anthems, games, and an award ceremony.

3.     When he was two he was really into playing his guitar, and he would drag it all over the house singing songs like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. He has since moved on to playing a Trombone which belonged to both his dad and grandpa. 


4.     He absolutely loves his dog, Colbie.  The two of them play together almost every day.  Colbie roughhouses with Noah, chases him around the yard, and even goes sledding with him by jumping on his back as he goes down the hill.



5.     Noah is a part of a very big family, many of them living nearby.  He has almost 20 cousins (one aunt is pregnant right now).  Three of those cousins are boys who are all within a year of Noah’s age.  The four of them got to spend a lot of time this past Christmas playing minecraft and having a sleepover at our house.  

6.     In the summer Noah loves to go down to Tom’s River where his grandparents have a house.  He spends a lot of time at the ocean where he body boards, but his favorite part is riding on his Uncle Jim’s boat and going tubing behind it. 

7.     Unlike his sisters, Noah has a taste for seafood.  Where they won’t touch it, he loves to eat shrimp, fish, and snack on seaweed.  He is also willing to try new foods, and usually ends up liking them.

8.     Noah has been to several interesting places for vacation.  We have gone to New England to a cabin on a lake, to California to see the giant Redwoods, to North Carolina to the Outerbanks, to Florida to visit Disneyworld, and most recently to Tennessee where he got to see a camel eat a bucket. (We actually didn’t go to see a camel, but it was the highlight of the trip for Noah and his sisters).

9.     Noah attends New Life Church in Glenside where he is also part of a Boys Club.  They have a pinewood derby every year, and they also go on a camping trip where Noah gets to shoot a beebee gun, use a slingshot, do archery and shoot off rockets, as well as play a LOT of Gaga.

10.  Our family is so blessed to have Noah be a part of us.  He has a great sense of humor, he is creative and thoughtful, and we love him very much.  We are excited to see him grow and learn as he continues to mature into the young man he is meant to be.  


Monday, February 1, 2010


January:What warms you up on a cold, cold day?


Bundled up, ready to sled


Enjoying the spring weather


On the hunt for chocolate and candy!


Playing in the front yard while Mom gardens


A summertime treat-roasting marshmallows (you can tell it isn't his first!)


Fourth of July Parade


A still morning on the lake

First Day of Kindergarten (a rainy, rainy day!)

Peter Pan

playing with Jasper


Waiting for the train to see the light show

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